The amount varies slightly based on the games played, since you earned different VPPs/1 by game type Supernova Rakeback vs Stars Rewards So, how does the new Stars Rewards program compare to the old Supernova system?
While most grinders would prefer a steady, guaranteed PokerStars rakeback, the random nature of the Stars Rewards chests is very appealing to casual players and gamblers.Instead of getting a boring fixed rakeback percentage, players earn rewards chests with prizes that can vary from 7 to 50 for the lowest value chests and 10 to 1,000 for the highest value Stars Rewards chests.Value Betting - Learn Poker - PokerStars.By contrast, PokerStars aren't using your profile to manipulate betting habits, but instead just to reward losing players more than winners.In this article, we will explain the new PokerStars Stars Rewards program and calculate the value of each chest, as well as the overall rakeback rewards you can expect to receive.A value bet is intended to increase the size of the pot, by inducing opponents to call.
MTT players will earn just 45 of the listed rakeback rewards, since they now earn just 45 reward points per 1/1 paid in fees, as of That is, an MTT player who pays 0 - 200 per year in fees will earn just.3 rakeback.
Also, it is assumed the jackpot wheel has equal probability of hitting any space, and thus you have a 1 out of 8 chance of winning the jackpot on any jackpot spin.

If your last 3 chests were opened on different days, then your next chest will be 1 rank lower (with a lower reward point requirement).See Does PokerStars manually control when the jackpot is won?I said it was rare for the jackpot to exceed the break-even point, but it is likely that my assumption of the probabilities of the jackpot wheel are incorrect, despite the wheel graphic showing a supposed one-eighth likelihood per section.The size of your boost also varies based on your player profile.After completing a boost, you get a new boost 8 hours later, which means it is possible for casual players to always have a boost active!What do you think?Although we have attempted to summarize the possible combinations of reward chest costs and boosts in a table, there are actually many more possible combinations for each chest.Update : As of, MTT players will receive just 45 reward points for every 1/1 paid in fees.If traffic is more important than rewards, PartyPoker vegas casino bonus codes or bwin are probably your best choice, although unless you rake at least 25/week, then these sites will offer 0 rakeback!The strongest argument that the Stars Rewards program might be illegal is that winning players are essentially being discriminated against.Remember, that with the old Supernova program winning players were earning as much as 69 rakeback!PokerStars VIP Levels Game VPPs / 1 Tournaments Sit-and-Go's.5 Full Cash Games 5/10 6 Heads-Up Cash Games 5/10.5 6-Handed Cash Games 5/10.5 1/2 NL PL Cash Games 10 2/5 NL PL Cash Games.5 5/10 NL PL Cash Games 7 Like many.Anecdotally, this amounts to about 1 every three days or so (thus, 1 every 42 StarsCoin, which puts the expectation now in favour of the player, at the expense of all other players that play more than 7 StarsCoin per 12 hours).Bonus Best Typical Worst Cost Boost RB Cost Boost RB Cost Boost RB Red.7 Blue,500 100.8 Bronze.,500 215.1 Silver.22 160 1,500 480.5 Gold.00 360 4,250 1,800 38 5,250 1,800 26 35,000 1,080.4 Platinum.52 800 8,000 4,000.Learn more about how to get the most from your Stars Coins in the maximizing your PokerStars rakeback section of our PokerStars review.To find out which poker site offers you the lowest net cost (rake/fees - all rewards.