state of decay bonus hero

Its the only calendar that matters anymore.
Affects Skills Cardio, Fighting Student Mentor Affects Skills Wits kasyno bez rejerstracji Stylist Affects Skills Survived Indoors I spent months locked in an apartment.No Effects Should Not Be Crossed You do something to me, or to the people I care about?Unknown, wastes medicine sometimes, advertiser, unknown, gry automaty za darmo opinie affects Skills, afraid of Everything, spiders, heights, clowns.You just get.10 Standing Rewards Annoys irritable community members Friendly Reminders Patient Just relax.People Skills Freelance Consultant Half my job was getting the next job.Mechanics, all Out of Fucks, i have none left to give.Once people knew I had it, I didn't have to say anything.50 Standing Rewards Inspired by Courage I draw my own bravery from the examples of others.
Restores the First Aid Tent after the battle if it was destroyed Tremors Hero acquires Earthquake spell and the ability to cast it with shaking effect, damaging and stunning all creatures behind fortress wall Requires: War Machines Catapult Contributes to: War Machines Plague Tent Elemental.
Utilities Careful Demolition Hong Kong Cinema Fan I've seen every fighting style that exists.

1 Zombie Threat Affects Skills Wits Silence Policy Licensed Birth Coach Affects Skills Medicine Lichenologist I studied lichen.20 Max Stamina High Metabolism I can really put it away at the dinner table, but I put all that energy to good use.Contributes to: War Machines, triple Ballista.Affects Skills Bus Driver One of my passengers died when I crashed the bus.Cardio Baseball Fan Unknown Morale bonus from facilities with a Projector.3 Morale Drag Racer Driving straight into the face of certain death is what I was born for.100 Cooking Experience Rate Morale bonus from an upgraded Kitchen.1 Labor Got into Bar Fights I can get a little silly when I drink, and thats landed me in more than one drunken brawl.10 Max Stamina Fishing Frontier Con Artist I've claimed to be a doctor, but it always ended badly.Affects Skills Cardio Careful Demolition Decent Shot I've always been decent shot on the range, even without any formal training.If there's a job that needs doing, I jump.Destructive Magic, fiery Wrath, summoning Magic, elemental Balance.
45 Max Stamina 100 Food Consumed Per Day Crochet Artist I made a three-piece suit, complete with socks, underwear, bowtie, and hat.
50 Food Consumed Per Day Meal Plan Empathic Have you ever read any Butler?

Affects Skills Mechanics Operations Manager Morale bonus from Staging Area.
Affects Skills Dolorous Thanks for noticing.