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M has an additional review on Odds Oracle here.
All of this is done through an online web based poker simulator.
Also the 5 free searches that they offer as a trail did not work.
The program boasts great support via the website.HHDealer datamines the iPoker network, PartyPoker, FullTiltPoker, m and networks as well as Micro games and delivers poker hand histories since 2008.Everything is customizable including the amount of information you wish to display.Each table will have the Wizard Window open for that particular game.The software can calculate ICM calculations for tournament play to and can be applied to cash games, sit and goes and also multi-table tournaments.Table Optimizer is a tool for PokerStars that helps you manage multiple tables at once.Situational views are powerful visual views of various parts of your game normally only achieved by creating complex filters.You can also assign hot-keys for fold, call, Raise and all.It allows you to assign badges based on your playing style and comes in a vast array of packages.Your hearts races as you quickly want to re-raise all.
Flopzilla Flopzilla is a very handy tool to have in your poker tool arsenal.

If you want to test this software out, it is available for 30 days as a trail license with full functionality.You can go into further options and predefine hot keys like auto fold.The program will then create an empty database.As with most poker tools, you can also import past hand history into this app.The application also comes with a log file that reports data from your game sessions.The graphs tab has several different graph options which include viewing your personal results, creating a luck bell curve chart or creating a money flow chart between the various players at a game.A powerful, comprehensive tracking and analysis program, this application is compatible with most of the major online poker sites.This gives you a history of your previous games and allows you to track your progress and performance with the handy graphs.However PioSolver also gives you this information in a user friendly way and also makes it easy for beginners to understand.As mentioned this piggy backs off of SharkScope and you require an active license.It is strongly recommended that you start at the bottom of the scale and should you wish to upgrade, the process is simple and quick.All you need to do is take the time to learn how to use.With all the modern tools it has become about analysis of data and math.
It has a great feature which randomizes your delay in your action when it is your turn so your opponent can never tell if you are snap calling or thinking about calling.