neverwinter insignia bonus tool

Vampire's Thirst Crescent Regal - Whenever you perform a Life Steal you are healed for.2 of your maximum Hit Points over 4 seconds.
Combat Summon your Armored Griffon to release an earsplitting screech, reducing the damage nearby enemies deal by 30 for 6 seconds.
Barbed Universal Universal Celestial Stag 2,000 Recovery 2,000 Regeneration Summon your Celestial Stag that brings with it a rain of stars for 8 seconds, continually causing 699 damage to your enemies and slowing their Run Speed.None Illuminated Enlightened Universal Giant Beetle 2,000 Defense none Regal Regal Universal Giant Crab 2,000 Defense none Regal Barbed Universal Giant Strider 2,000 Movement none Illuminated Illuminated Universal Gold-Lined Apparatus of Kwalish 2,000 Recovery none Enlightened Enlightened Universal Gorgon Using a Daily Power grants.Warlord's Encouragement Regal Enlightened - Your summoned Companion does 10 more damage.So, Enlightened slots need maszyny do gier legalność Enlightened Insignias, and so forth.Alchemist's Refresher Regal Illuminated - Whenever you drink a Healing Potion, you are granted 2 more Power and Defense for 10 seconds.Combat Summon your War Triceratops to change into the fray knocking back foes and causing up to 15,000 damage to each target, based on your level.
Equip 4,000 Critical Strike Imperial Rage Drake?

Combat Summons the Tyrannosaur, cusing your enemies fear, rooting them for 5 seconds, and lowering their defense by 10 for 10 seconds.None Barbed Enlightened Universal Tiger-striped Owlbear 2,000 Armor Penetration none Barbed Barbed Universal Trained Basilisk 2,000 Power none Enlightened Enlightened Universal Triceratops 8,000 Maximum Hit Points none Regal Barbed Universal Turmish Lion When you or a party member are struck by a foe, there.Equip 4,000 Recovery Tenser's Floating Disk?None Barbed Barbed Universal Fungal Flail Snail 2,000 Recovery none Barbed Barbed Universal Gas Spore Increases your Stamina Regeneration.For 10 seconds, you gain.5 Power.They are cheap and its not worth the trouble.CON: Only available for a reasonable price during event days; limited to HP / Recovery.Equip Using a Daily Power grants 20 of your total Hit Points over 10 seconds.Equp 4,000 Deflection Armored Bulette, Champion's Armored Bulette?Regal Universal Universal Emperor Beetle 4,000 Defense Summons your Emperor Beetle, who flies in and lands violently, dealing 3,494 and Stunning nearby foes for 2 seconds (1 second if target is a player).Dungeon Bosses (uncommon or rare the from the Maze Engine campaign (rare).
Name Stat 1 (Uncommon/Rare/Epic) Stat 2 (Uncommon/Rare/Epic) Insignia of Aggression 50/100/200 Armor Penetration 25/50/100 Action Point Gain Insignia of Brutality 50/100/200 Power 25/50/100 Recovery Insignia of Courage 50/100/200 Defense 25/50/100 Incoming Healing Bonus Insignia of Dominance 50/100/200 Power 25/50/100 Companion Influence Insignia of Evasion 50/100/200.

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