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Martin Drake ( Ward Costello 198389) Noah Drake 's uncle.
Raped by Joe Scully,."Ballet Twirls Through 'Turns.She falls in love with.It's Another Italian Job In The Turkish Airlines Olympia Grand Prix.Ex-husband of Elizabeth Webber, Alexis Davis and Nina Reeves.The course-designer admitted that he was surprised by the amount of first-round clears a remarkable 18 from a high-class field of 37 but in the jump-off track, a couple of tight turns to huge upright fences proved the undoing of several big names.
Roommates with Lainey Winters.
Manny dies in 2006 after Jason Morgan throws him off the roof of General Hospital.

Used by Heather during her stay at Forest Hill, Sarah eventually wised up to her after recovering and left town after telling her that she was onto her.Janet and Fred adopt the illegitimate child of Angie Costello and Eddie Weeks.Susan Hornsby (Irina Cashen, 1991; Alina Patra, 2016) Daughter of Paul Hornsby.Mary Bishop (deceased) (Catherine Wadkins, 2004) Widow of Connor Bishop.Widower of Andrea Floyd.A mentor to many young residents whom she rented rooms to at Kelly's.Uncle of Rafe Kovich,.Was lototest belgique sent to prison.Murders Diana Taylor to keep Diana from killing her daughter Heather.Cesar Faison ( Anders Hove, 199093, 19992000, 2018; Ian Buchanan, 2012; Anthony Geary, 2014) International criminal and arms dealer.Mickey Diamond (deceased) ( Nick Chinlund, 2014) Works for the fake Luke Spencer, whom ordered him to keep an eye on Julian Jerome.18 Married.

Son of David Ward and his wife Margaret.