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Instrumental 24K - bingo, fancam/ 24K _ bingo _ Simply K-Pop _ SBS FM 24K bingo Jinhong.
#KpopBingo, more from figgypuddin, fun with DAY6 11/24/16 figgypuddin 11/24/16, more featured posts introducing project assistants!My Results, here's how to read my bingo card comments: Orange group I knew at least two songs.Komm concert(Arirang Radio) 24K - Bingo Sub.Español Han Rom K bingo, k-POP Night out in Warsaw 24K _ bingo.Simply K-Pop _ 24K _ bingo.240 _ K Bingo MV album jacket filming site enewstv ENG SUB.Youtube TOS 24 K Bingo, mV 24K _ bingo mV 24K _ bingo (Dance ver.) 24K _ bingo Color Coded Lyrics (HanRomEng).So i did that and then extra.So 1theK posted on their facebook these awesome bingo sheets with a bunch of kpop groups on it, old and new!I got 1 row, almost being a double bingo if i had more 2pm songs in my library and 1 diagonal.Blue shaded atleast five songs in my music library.24K (Legenda Simplificada).Just added subs, still 24K bingo (full story).Both songs and MV by 24K.Their rules were mark the holdem poker gratis square if you know at least 2 songs.
Red group that I have yet to discover and learn about.

neutral_face: What were your results?I do like girl groups but they don't appeal to me as much as the boy groups do :notes: im surprised i was able to get a couple bingos for the boys.I am clearly biased I'm the type of goups I listen.Hanromeng 24K - bingo (Color Coded Lyrics) 24K - Bingo (Speed Up) 24K bingo Dance Mirrored 161025 24K - bingo K bingo 24k in Poland bingo (fancam) 24K bingo chipmunk ver.Simply K-Pop _ 24K _ bingo.239 _ Moscow 24K bingo Dance 24K _ bingo MV Reaction.Simply K-Pop _ 24K _ bingo.238 _ 110416.Mashup 24K BTS - bingo/Not Today 170114 Romania 24K bingo Dance, bingo Teaser fanfic 24k HD, mV 24K _ bingo reaction they whipping?teaser 24K _ bingo, comeback 161018 24K - bingo.As for the ooo close.Green group I knew only one song.
Mashup 24onst boys republic : "Bingo Hero, Get Down" 24K - bingo Line Distribution (Color Coded).