Take the gnomes head (P).
When in pan kasyno bonus od pierwszej wplaty custody, you can only be brought back through a hostage trade.
Press on the blue buttons to change the rings in the center.Look at the tower; put the poster piece next to the torn piece and take the poster OF main street (E).The police will contact Bain to set up the trade.The buttons will be added to inventory.See screenshot for solution (C).Go to the cliff.This will allow you to select a suitable weapon for any situation at any point in the game, since weapons cannot be modified while a heist is underway.Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited.Zoom into the dog statue; put the DOG collar on the dog and take the stone ARM (E).Trace the moon outline with the knife in one swoop (U).

Return to the general store.Find the 12 differences in the picture.Zoom into the dead woman; take the fruit peeling 2/3 (F).This action clears the shadows by the altar (O).Use the PEN on the gate lock to activate a puzzle (J).Examine the clock; insert the heart into the slot (L).Look at the left window; take the rune stone 1/2 (H).Read the inscription at the bottom of the window (I).Examine the portrait; take the battery 1/2 (C).Not all pieces will be used.Put the empty BAG on the soil to create the magic soil.Zoom into the control panel to activate a puzzle.This document contains a complete Otherwolrd: Spring of Shadows game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay!Submitted by Fooksie - If you can't see a sniper, you can usually trace their red laser sight to where they are hiding.
Open the 9 drawers and take the 15 buttons circled in red (M).
Use the pitcher in the water to create the filled pitcher (C).