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It also rearranges the smithing tree and the stealth tree.
These are not listed on the Elder Scrolls Pages, generally, but a GameFAQs forum user was kind enough to use the Creation Kit to identify and list them.
Dawnguard Heavy mikołajek deep blue jackpot - same bonus.Donation Points system, this mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points, introduction, this mod adds 10 smithing perks and 2 sneak perks to the vanilla skill trees in Skyrim.Weak weapons like orcish, iron imperial weapons also get some buffs while dual wielding etc.The same applies for Dragonbone/Dragonscale sets and armors for the Rogue/Anvil abilities.From Dragonborn: No, there are not armor set bonuses in Skyrim.Spellbreaker is nice if you have Unofficial Skyrim Patch.27 or later, because then it receives the Dwarven Keyword!Follow 2 answers.Armor : head, chest, hands, feet.Skyrim additional 25, armor bonus if wearing a matched set of Light, armor.Instead of needing 2 matching pieces for the next stage, you can reach the higher stages easier.M/r/ skyrim mods/comments/9pdjd2/ armor _ set _ bonus Ok, Im not exactly sure if this would belong to the mid section, but Ive been wondering, what exactly is the armor set requirement for.Equip 5 items and it cancels the effect.Like I'm wearing a full set of steel plate, however my helmet is steel horned.Some followers have perks.If you can get your hand on a Wood or Falmer weapon early on, you'll have strong sneak attacks.The Advanced armor sets can be used to amplify a defensive block invested Power Bashing build.

My goal was to add unique set bonuses to different armor sets and encourage mixing.Mods that just alter vanilla perk data can probably be loaded with my mod ESP and function.This wiki page details this towards the bottom of the page.Smithing Perk Overhaul is safe to use, I have not tested Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade.The Daedric and Glass 2-4 sets compete with each other, with spell cost reduction on both sides.Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account?Not that great since there is no perk that lets you improve them twice as much, but with smithing skill, gear and a potion should make it easier to hit the armor cap(just need more light armor perks).The Dwarven and Orcish sets complement different characters, where Orcish is good with berserk.There is a hidden bonus to both the nightingale armor set and the shrouded armor set.The Elven and Ebony sets compete with each other as well, Elven is more versatile and effective.If you don't want them, you can install spell sneak attacks 2 to overwrite that tree!This mod adds 10 smithing perks and 2 sneak perks to the vanilla skill trees.You don't have to be afraid of using Battle Axes, or even Sneak attacking with Greatswords!So I don't have the perk.
You need his full download in order for the patched p to work (bsa, scripts etc.), general game mechanics explained, most perks have two "stages where 2 matching pieces activate stage1 and 4 activates stage2.