460370 BCE) Diogenes of Sinope (412323 BCE) Empedocles (490430 BCE) Epictetus (55c.
Ancient period edit Medieval period edit Anthemius of Tralles, involved in the construction of the Haghia Sophia Isidore of Miletus, 6th-century polymath, principally in charge of design and construction of the Haghia Sophia Paul of Aegina, 7th-century physician best known for writing the medical encyclopedia.
Marathon race, who had run back and forth between Athens and Sparta in order to relay news of the Battle of Marathon, resulting in his death from ultimate exhaustion, when in his last breath he yelled out "We (the Greeks) won".360415 CE) Irenaeus (c.205270 CE) Protagoras (c.610546 BCE) Anaximenes of Miletus (c. .Actors/actresses edit Cybele (18871978 Smyrna, Ottoman Empire Manos Katrakis (19081984 Crete, then an autonomous province of the Ottoman Empire Alexis Minotis (18981990 Chania, Crete, then part of the Ottoman Empire Sotiris Moustakas (19402007 Limassol, Cyprus, then part of the British Empire Sapfo Notara (19071985 Crete.Cosmatos Costa-Gavras (Constantinos Gavras), writer, producer and director ( Z, State of Siege, Missing ) Peter Kambasis, writer, producer and director of internet-based films Milton Katselas, acting teacher and director ( Butterflies Are Free, When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?Nicephorus II Phocas (963969 Byzantine Emperor and general Romanus IV (10681071 lost the fateful battle of Manzikert Saint Cyril (827869 Byzantine monk, developed the Glagolitic alphabet Theodora, wife of Justinian I, actress, courtesan, Empress.10001059 Patriarch of Constantinople John Chrysostom (347407 Christian bishop and orator Photios I of Constantinople (820891 Patriarch of Constantinople and writer Pope Evaristus (c.535475 BCE) Hypatia of Alexandria (c.495430 BC) Medieval period edit Modern period edit Scientists and Engineers edit Archimedes, ancient influential inventor and scientist; spearheaded insights into mathematical calculus.17941877 freedom fighter, politician, and later Prime Minister Constantine I (18681923 King of Greece Constantine II, (born 1940 King of Greece George II (18901947 King of Greece Paul (19011964 King of Greece Konstantinos Karamanlis (19071998 President of Greece and four-time Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis (born.Frangopoulos tennis player Takis Fyssas football player Nikos Galis basketball player, MVP of Eurobasket 1987 Konstadinos Gatsioudis javelin thrower Theofanis Gekas football player Georgios Gennimatas sprinter Nikolaos Georgantas discus thrower Grigorios Georgatos football player Giorgios Georgiadis football player Ioannis Georgiadis fencer Evangelos Gerakeris marathoner Panagiotis.15201585 Dominican friar, later antitrinitarian theologian; (Greek father) See also: Entrepreneurs edit Yiannis Carras, ship-owner, creator of Porto Carras Resort John.241187 BCE) Seleucid Monarch Antipater, (c.390319 BCE Macedonian noble and Alexander the Great's regent in Macedon Aristides (530468 BCE Athenian statesman Cimon (510450 BCE Athenian leader and statesman Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, (c.6830 BCE) Queen of Egypt, from the Hellenistic Ptolemaic Dynasty Demosthenes (384322 BCE.
Chionis of Sparta, cynisca, diagoras of Rhodes, dioxippus pankration Hydna swimmer and diver Kleitomachos pankration Leonidas of Rhodes ancient runner and Olympic winner mini lotto jakie liczby Milo of Croton pankration Milo of Croton, wrestler and the most acclaimed ancient Olympian Troilus of Elis Phillip of Macedon Modern period.
335395) Hecataeus of Abdera (fourth century BCE) Heraclitus (c. .

Andreas Papandreou (19191996 economist, politician, and three-time Prime Minister George Andreas Papandreou (born 1952 current leader of the pasok political party and former Foreign Minister of Greece (19992004).Contents, actors/actresses edit, ancient period edit, modern period edit, adventurers edit, athletes sports figures edit, ancient period edit, alexander I of Macedon runner and Olympic winner, astylos of Croton.) Elia Kazan, director in theatre and film ( Gentleman's Agreement, A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, East of Eden, A Face in the Crowd ) Ana Kokkinos Nikos Koundouros Thodoros Maragos Gregory Markopoulos Nikos Nikolaidis, writer, producer, and director ( Evrydiki BA 2O37.» 1 "Greek conductor and composer" 2 "This website is dedicated to preserving the musical memory of the late, great, Tatiana Troyanos, Greek-American Mezzo-Soprano" "Eugenides is himself Greek-American, Detroit-born, suburb-raised all sources of inspiration for his second novel." 3 Retrieved from " ".From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from, list of Greeks jump to navigation, jump to search.Mimar Sinan, architect for Suleiman the Magnificent Kosem Sultan shak Pasha Grand Vizier Turgut Reis Ottoman Admiral Al-Husayn I ibn Ali founder of the Husainid Dynasty of Tunisia Modern period edit Greece edit Ioannis Kapodistrias (17761831 first President of the free and unified Greek state.Peppas, chaired professor in Engineering, University of Texas at Austin Vladimir Triandafillov (Triantafyllidis), military strategist Haridimos Tsoukas, organisational theorist George Vithoulkas, teacher of Homeopathic medicine Xenophon Zolotas, economist List of Greeks who were born outside modern Greece edit This is a list of ethnic Greeks.Musician, lyricist, singer George Zervanos (19302006) operatic tenor Painters edit Ancient period edit Renaissance edit Modern period edit Philosophers edit Plato, as painted by Michelangelo, whose The Republic and other works on morality and politics are listed as some of the most influential works.Ottoman Empire period edit Atik Sinan, architect for Mehmed II and Mustafa III Barbarossa (14731518 famous privateer, older brother of Khair ad Din ; (Greek mother) brahim Ethem Pasha, Greek-born Grand Vizier Khair ad Din (14751546 Greek-born Ottoman Turkish Admiral, also known as Barbarossa; (Greek.This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.
490420 BCE) Pythagoras (582496 BCE) Socrates (470399 BCE) Socrates, teacher of Aristotle, coined the father and founder of philosophy Thales of Miletus (c.
Fokas, mathematician, integrable nonlinear partial differential equations Michael L Dertouzos, former Director of the.I.T.